Follow-Facade: a user position-based shading system for the paraHome

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    These videos show mockups of the facade system for the ParaHome Project. The first video is has a narrative describing a first prototype that uses 2 ultrasonic rangefinder sensors to capture a distance variable. This variable is used to represent the distance a human is, in the space, from a wall. Translated into a twist [...]

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    sleeping bear winter surf

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    A video I shot during a quick encounter with Lake Michigan over holiday in December

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    Feeding Station i


    Feeding Station ii


    The Feeding Station is a cynical architectural mechanism aimed at exploiting scenographic and illusionary culture created by super-brands. The Feeding Station draws QC samples from the large pool of hyper-consumer traffic generated from the nearby outdoor superstore, Cabelas, (one of lower Michigan’s largest tourist attractions) to use for the research and development of artificial fragrances and [...]

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    dataFab: situated technology thesis P2

    Transitions of light projections, to planar, to embedded

    Feeding Station iii


    Categorized as a machinic architecture: The Feeding Station leverages its ability to collect and regurgitate environmental, atmospheric, and human waste resources. The description below characterizes one of the biggest resources, the building surface area and its ability to collect water/house ecosystems.   Green Roof Collection & Run Off Rate Roof Areas: 15×30’ bays: 450 sqft [...]

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    dataFab: situated technology thesis P1


    Suburban Retrofitting: opinion


    The search for value in an American suburbia can be bleak as its bizarre creation can be linked to everything from 20th century racial and economic segregation to the financial crash of 2007, to the frightening rise of obesity and diabetes in America’s youth, and to the rising dependence on foreign oil. If that’s not [...]

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    Gratiot Alley: A Detroit Mixed Use Development Proposal



    AlleyWay Development is pleased to present Gratiot Alley, located in the heart of Detroit just west of Harmonie Park.

    A walkable distance from attractions such as Comerica Park, the Fox Theatre, the RiverWalk, Eastern Market, and Greektown, Gratiot Alley connects two popular downtown districts—Fox Town and Greektown—by creating a mixed-use residential and retail development that will serve the needs of a diverse population. By bridging the gap between these two districts, both known for nightlife and entertainment, Gratiot Alley will be a part of a vibrant and walkable downtown. Its location on the fringe of Harmonie Park provides the unique opportunity to expand upon the old world feel of the park and integrate pedestrian space into downtown living to enhance the sense of place for residents and visitors.

    Gratiot Alley recognizes the dynamic downtown environment and the numerous stakeholders in downtown development. We effectively address these stakeholders needs through our design concept and marketing and have prioritized the development of a project that will add value to the community. After all, we recognize that development in Detroit is a non-zero-sum game, and that projects must work together in order to create the most value for all involved.

    Gratiot Alley is an integrative and imaginative concept which will bring a sense of modernity to a historic district. It respects the historic assets of the site and surround area and builds upon these characteristics though emulation of scale and design. The modern architecture connects with the historic surroundings to open the nearby Harmonie Park to a wider audience through utilization of the alleyway on Gratiot and a restaurant connecting Broadway to Gratiot. The sense of place created through these will be unique and unduplicable.

    This inspired concept will be a catalyst for further Downtown development, but like, relies of non-traditional financing. Assuming such assumptions are met, ground breaking will occur in 2012 and a grand opening is expected in early 2014.

    Site Introduction

    The proposed Gratiot Alley development is locate in the heart of Downtown Detroit, a mere block away from the legendary Harmonie Park. Walking distance from the entertainment districts of Fox Town and Greektown, the Riverfront, the Financial District, and Eastern Market, Gratiot Alley is truly in the center of it all.
    The space is currently occupied by four small buildings that are in a state of disrepair. Three of these four buildings present architecturally interesting characteristics, though the fourth does not. The surrounding buildings are predominantly of a larger scale and are of architectural significance. A redevelopment of this site could add great value to the surrounding area by reducing blight and creating a sense of modernity in a historic district.
    The mixed-use and innovative development will transform four small and deteriorating buildings to eight floors of unique lofts on top of edgy retail space. The development will be anchored by a restaurant space connecting Broadway and Gratiot and opening the space to a landscaped alley on the fringe of Harmonie Park. Local amenities include a large parking garage, a recently renovated YMCA, and people mover stops. 


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    Block Homes: a study of parametric masses




    Physical mock up using arduino controller and ultra sonic rangefinder controlling servo-driven surface tensioner Forms Scripting geometry prototypes

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    To view this project, click on the animation once, then use the arrow keys on your keyboard.  If your cursor turns into a hand icon, click the slides to view further iterations.  You may also mouse-over the corners of this document to pull back each page.

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    PWDG: placemaking blog


      PlaceWork Design Group was an urban advocacy blog started with my friend and urban planner, Peter Spaulding. Our intention was to ideate progressive designs of new pedestrian spaces and high density buildings in Traverse City, MI—a city many see as an up and coming destination for midwestern economic development. Below is our understanding how [...]

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    Winter & Summer Surf, Michigan

    Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.44.06 AM

    Leelanau Lab: TimeLapses

    Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.48.00 AM

    Timelapses from Leelanau County, shot in spring/summer/fall 2011  

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